Upcoming Short courses (June, July, August)

Upcoming Short courses (June, July, August)
1. Advanced Project Management Programme (Johannesburg/Mbabane/Dubai)
2. Facilities Management Programme (Johannesburg/Mbabane/Dubai)
3. Advanced Financial Management and Budgetary Control (Johannesburg/Mbabane/Dubai)
4. Project Monitoring and Evaluation Programme (Johannesburg/Mbabane/Dubai)
5. Economic Planning and Policy Analysis Programme (Johannesburg/Mbabane/Dubai)
6. Executive Secretarial and Administrators’ Programme (Johannesburg/Mbabane/Dubai)
7. Financial Management for Donor Funded Projects


All these are important facets in the socio economic development process. The training that AMADI offers is in line...

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Our courses are designed to equip participants to influence and contribute to the development of commercially advantageous procurement strategies.

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The University offers internationally recognized undergraduate and postgraduate degrees that will completely change your life.Get in touch for full...

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