AMADI Institute of Management and Technology is a subsidiary of the AMADI
Development Group (ADG). AMADI is a management development, leadership training, research and
consultancy firm registered in South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Africa, Namibia, Botswana,
Rwanda, DRC and Zimbabwe under the respective countries’ companies Acts. AMADI provides practical,
good value and effective management consultancy and researching the private, public and
not-for-profit sectors. AMADI is non- political, non-religious, non-discriminating and an equal
opportunity entity that is run by a Board, a management of to programme leaders with experience
incapacity building, a team of professionals, and co-opted strategic alliances professionals.
AMADI has established are put action for integrity and professionalism and have achieved
this through its vision:

To be the leading training and recognized Centre for excellence in leadership training
management development consultancy and research in Africa.


AMADI Provides innovative quality training management and development consultancy and applied
research for enhanced organizational productivity and performance through qualified and
professional expertise.