1. Enterprise Risk Management
  2. Project Portfolio Management
  3. Financial and Project Management
  4. Projects Monitoring and Evaluation
  5. Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Projects
  6. Participatory Methods of Development
  7. Project Risk Management
  8. Project Analysis and Design Program
  9. Project Appraisal & Development Planning
  10. Value for Money Audits for Development
  11. Advanced Project Finance and Management
  12. Advanced Project Management
  13. Project Management and Leadership
  14. Project Proposal Writing and Fund Raising
  15. Projects Finance and Disbursement ‐Donor funded
  16. Project Earned Value Management (EVM) Systems
  17. Advanced Procurement and Stores
  18. Goods and Equipment Procurement
  19. Procurement for Donor Funded Projects
  20. International Procurement for Donor Funded Projects
  21. Energy Economics
  22. Power Purchase Agreements
  23. Advanced Works, Procurement & Selection of Consultants
  24. Corporate Social Investments
  25. Prince II
  26. Procurement & Contract Management
  27. Transport & Fleet Management
  28. Monitoring & Evaluation of Energy Projects
  29. Energy Planning


  1. Supply Chain Finance Market & Fintech Ecosystem
  2. Advanced Budgeting and Budgetary Control
  3. Pension Fund and Investment Management
  4. Computer Auditing and Internal Controls
  5. Computerized Financial Modelling
  6. Credit Management, Monitoring and Control
  7. Detecting & Controlling Money Laundering
  8. Forensic Accounting & Audit Control
  9. Principles of Budgeting
  10. Financial Management and Budgeting Control
  11. Financial Analysis and Management
  12. Financial Management in Public Sector
  13. Budgeting Legal Framework
  14. Value for Money Auditing
  15. Internal Auditing and Accountability
  16. Internal Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  17. Fintech Risk Management
  18. Digital Comp Financial Services
  19. Fraud Audi Forensic Accounting
  20. Revenue Sources, Estimations & Expenditure Categories
  21. Revenue Sources, Estimations & Expenditure Categories
  22. Public Sector Process
  23. Measurement & Evaluation of MDAS
  24. Financial Development & Financial Inclusion
  25. Financial Programming & Policies
  26. Systemic Macro Financial Risk Analysis
  27. Legal Design of Taxation Frameworks
  28. Compilation of BOP Statistics
  29. Public Financial Management Legal Frameworks
  30. Tax Policy & Administration Theory & Practice
  31. Model Based Monetory Policy Analysis & Forecasting
  32. Financial Markets Infrastructures & Fintech


  1. Advanced Computer Skills Development
  2. Advanced Database Management Programme ‐ SAP3
  3. Database Management Programme
  4. Advanced Management Information Systems
  5. Computer and Software Management Skills
  6. Computer Networking Administration
  7. Information Technology and Management
  8. Systems Analysis and Control Programme
  9. Introduction to IT Auditing
  10. Internal Security Administration
  11. ICT Policy & Regulations Management Programme
  12. Computer Registry Systems Programme
  13. Wireless Network Security and Administration
  14. IT Security Architecture Design Programme
  15. VOIP Security Course


  1. Agricultural Value Chain Development
  2. Social Protection & Safety Nets
  3. Conflict Management
  4. Disaster Preparedness and Management
  5. Drought and Food Security Management
  6. Public Administration Programme
  7. Agriculture Extension Service Delivery and Techniques
  8. Developing and Implementing Environmental Management System
  9. Gender Development Empowerment
  10. Agriculture Management and Rural Development
  11. Environmental & Waste Management System
  12. Renewable Energy and Sustainable Resource
  13. Youth Empowerment & Development
  14. Regulatory Frameworks for Environmental Management & Planning
  15. Ecosystem and Biodiversity Management
  16. Environmental Auditing and Impact Assessment
  17. Management of Urban Housing
  18. Urban Energy and Water Supply Management


  1. Advanced Leadership Development Programme
  2. Advanced Planning & Strategic Management
  3. Organisational Restructuring and Change Management
  4. Enhancing Local Government Service Delivery
  5. Management Advancement Programme
  6. Advanced Public Administration
  7. Public Relations Management
  8. Strategic Leadership Skills for Managers
  9. Strategic Women Leadership Development
  10. Supervisory and Operations Management
  11. Corporate governance and Organization
  12. Leadership and Team Development for Managerial
  13. Executive Customer Care & Management


  1. Advanced Public Sector Financial Management
  2. Budgetary and Macroeconomic Analysis
  3. Advanced Macroeconomic Analysis
  4. Management of Domestic Debt Programme
  5. Policy Analysis for Senior Managers
  6. Policy Development and Strategic
  7. Macro-economic Modelling & Forecasting
  8. Statistical Analysis for Poverty Modeling & Analysis
  9. Research Design and Methodology
  10. Monitoring & Evaluation of Government Projects
  11. Trade Policy Development and Macroeconomics Analysis
  12. Utility Regulation and Strategic Management
  13. Economic Policy Analysis Development
  14. Budgeting for Efficient Economic Management
  15. Performance Management in the Public Sector
  16. Macro‐economic Policy Analysis and Forecasting
  17. Economic Reforms Design, Analysis & Management
  18. Public Policy Analysis & Implementation
  19. Public Asset Management & Accounting
  20. Fiscal Policy Analysis


  1. HIV/AIDS Management Systems
  2. Healthcare Financial Accounting Systems
  3. Health Economics and Financing
  4. Health & Safety for SHE Officers
  5. Human Resources for Health
  6. Solid Waste Management and Environmental
  7. Community Water Supply Management
  8. Research, Monitoring and Evaluation
  9. HIV/AIDS Combating and Support Systems
  10. HIV/AIDS Counselling & Youth Sexuality
  11. Management of HIV/AIDS in the Workplace


  1. Advanced Human Resources Development
  2. Computerized Human Resource Management
  3. Developing Internal Training System
  4. Grievance Handling and HR Management
  5. Skills Auditing and Training Needs Analysis
  6. Human Resource Management
  7. Strategic Human Resource Management
  8. Contract Management and Employee Relations
  9. Tendering Procedures
  10. Tendering and Contract Management
  11. Succession Planning and Strategic Human
  12. Workplace Counselling and Employee Welfare
  13. Labour Relations and Conflict management
  14. Management of the Training Function
  15. Computerized Payroll Administration and Processing
  16. People Management Skills in a Technical Environment
  17. Human Resource Governance Conducting Disciplinary Hearings
  18. Leadership & Management for Results
  19. Facilities Management
  20. Grievance Handling & HR Management
  21. Grievance Handling & HR Management


  1. Advanced Secretarial and Personal Assistants
  2. Advanced Skills for Executive Secretaries
  3. Reception and Front Desk Management
  4. Management Development Programme for Secretaries and Administrators
  5. Professional Executive Secretaries and Administrators Programme
  6. Planning & Management of Events
  7. Advanced Secretarial and Executive Assistants
  8. Data and Records Management Programme
  9. Advanced Computer Programme for Secretaries
  10. Electronic Data and Records Management
  11. Libraries and Documentation Management Programme
  12. Advanced Desktop Publishing
  13. Defensive Driving


  1. Political Conflicts and Negotiated Settlements
  2. Defence Policy and Strategic Planning
  3. Globalisation and International Relations
  4. Pre and Post Conflict Counselling for Peacekeepers
  5. Foreign Policy and Diplomatic Relations
  6. International Trade Protocols and Conventions`
  7. Climate Change and International Cooperation
  8. International Law and Human Rights
  9. Theory and Practice of Diplomacy
  10. Multilateral and Bilateral Diplomacy
  11. Strategic Communication for Government Affairs
  12. Strategic Public Affairs & Government Relations
  13. Economic Issues in Regional Intergration

REGISTRATION: All AMADI courses and programmes are open to participants from Government, NGO’s and
Private Organisations and Enterprises. AMADI is an equal opportunity service provider and special encouragement is given to female participants and previously disadvantaged groups to apply. All AMADI programmes seek to develop leadership and capacity strengthening in all participants. You can by telephone, fax or online.

TUITION FEES: Tuition fees cover contact lecturers, course materials, light meals. excursions, a laptop / computer tablet. Payment is in the United States Dollar (US$). or the equivalent in South African Rands, Euros and CFA Francs. For more information contact the Programmes Director at AMADI offices Mbabane, Kingdom of Swaziland.


TRAINING APPROACH: Africa Management Development Institute fully subscribes to the principles of adult education. Recognition is given to the individual participant’s needs for professional and personal development. Thus course programmes are structured such that they are participatory, drawing from participants prior knowledge and experience, use of case studies, management games, lectures, simulations, group activities and field studies. Maximum participation is therefore expected from participants. AMADI offers all its products using the flexible packaging approach. Should you require training in the courses not shown on the calendar or tailor made contents:training to be done at your premises and any of our major venues ( Mbabane , Maputo and Johannesburg).

Kindly submit your request to the Programmes Director.

TRAVEL AND VISAS: Participants are responsible for transport and personal Insurance while in Eswatini, Mozambique and South Africa. Participants must ensure they have a valid passport and must apply for South African, Eswatini, Mozambique or Dubai visa entry. Participants are responsible for the cost of the visas, airport taxes and excess luggage, private in country travels, medical expenses and private telephone calls. AMADI will be responsible for transport to and from the training venue and to and from the airport.