It is the guiding philosophy of AMADI of creating partnership with individuals and organizations
in order to build and enhance their performance capabilities. AMADI believes the individuals learn
well through interactions with others, these could be from within their organizations or from
outside. Programmes are conducted by qualified professional facilitators whose medium of delivery
is through the use of problem scenario analysis, multi-media presentations, session discussions,
onsite study visits, session presentations by participants and other appropriate
presentation tools.

AMADI is premised along ethical and corporate standards that allow it to realize its objectives.
These standards ensure a total quality management in our operations. AMADI is guided by Honest,
Promptness, Reliability, Courteousness, Openness, Transparency, Quality, Knowledge, and


AMADI boasts of strong strategic alliances with a variety of reputable regional and international
organisations. AMADI has chosen its partners very carefully to ensure that the organization aligns
itself with enterprises that operate to the same high standard of professionalism and quality
assurance. AMADI sees the development of partnerships as an important part of service delivery.
AMADI is an affiliate college of Midlands State University (MSU) which has seen AMADI offering MSU undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in Swaziland and Namibia.

AMADI has entered into a partnership with the International Trade Centre (ITC) which is a joint
Agency of the United Nations (UN) and World Trade Organisations (WTO) in offering the Supply Chain
Modular Learning System MLS – SCM.
The marriage between AMADI and its strategic partners is testimony to AMADI’s strong brand and
professional management which gives pride and confidence to its partners to be associated
with the organization.