Some of the Organizations that have send their staff for short courses and capacity building
workshops include:

1. Ministry of Finance, Malawi
2. Ministry of Industry and Trade, Malawi
3. National Road Authority, Malawi
4. Ministry of Finance, Zimbabwe
5. Catholic Woman’s Bureau, Uganda
6. King Faisal Hospital, Rwanda
7. Ministry of Finance, Tanzania
8. Ministry of Finance, Kenya
9. Department of Energy, Mozambique
10. Ministry of Labor, Botswana
11. Oromia Health Bureau, Ethiopia
12. Central Bank of Lesotho
13. National Railways of Zimbabwe
14. Central Region Water Board–Malawi
15. FIPAG–Mozambique
16. Ministry of Finance–Zambia
17. Ministry of Agriculture–Mozambique
18. Department of Mines -Mozambique
19. Ministry of Industry and Trade–Zambia

20. Centre for Justice, Peace and Development–Zambia
21. Ministry of Labour–Namibia
22. Ministry of Health–Ethiopia
23. Ministry of Local Government–Botswana
24. Technoserve Swaziland
25. Swaziland Electricity Board
26. Dairy Board-Swaziland
27. Swaziland National Football Association
28. Swaziland Tourism Authority
29. Swaziland local Kombi Association
30. Central Bank of Nigeria
31. AfricanUnion
32. Zambia Development Agency
33. Ministry of Education–Botswana
34. Ministry of Finance
35. Tawana L and Board
36. FUNAE–Mozambique
37. Water Aid–Mozambique
38. Rwanda Development Bank
39. Office of the Prime Minister–Uganda
40. Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe
41. Lesotho Central Bank
42. Central Bank of Swaziland
43. Bank of Uganda
44. Barrick Mining Company–Tanzania
45. GTZ–Mozambique
46. Ministry of Finance–Nigeria

47. Central Bank of Zambia
48. Roads Authority–Malawi
49. Auditor General’s Office–Nigeria
50. Securities and Exchange Commission–Nigeria

51. Independent Electoral Commission–Lesotho
52. Lesotho Revenue Authority–Lesotho
53. Ministry of Finance -Ghana
54. Botswana Teachers Union–Botswana
55. Amhara Regional Education Bureau–Ethiopia
56. Ethopia Information Communication Development Agency–Ethiopia

57. Macroeconomic and Financial Management Institute of Eastern and Southern Africa (MEFMI)

The majority of the programme participants got sponsorship from their institutions
Since the majority of the participants are civil servants and others get funding from:
1. World Health Organization (WHO)
2. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
3. World Bank (WB)
4. Africa Development Bank (AfDB)