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REGISTRATION: All AMADI courses and programmes are open to participants from Government, NGO’s and
Private Organisations and Enterprises. AMADI is an equal opportunity service provider and special encouragement is given to female participants and previously disadvantaged groups to apply. All AMADI programmes seek to develop leadership and capacity strengthening in all participants. You can by telephone, fax or online.

TUITION FEES: Tuition fees cover contact lecturers, course materials, light meals. excursions, a laptop / computer tablet. Payment is in the United States Dollar (US$). or the equivalent in South African Rands, Euros and CFA Francs. For more information contact the Programmes Director at AMADI offices Mbabane, Kingdom of Swaziland.


TRAINING APPROACH: Africa Management Development Institute fully subscribes to the principles of adult education. Recognition is given to the individual participant’s needs for professional and personal development. Thus course programmes are structured such that they are participatory, drawing from participants prior knowledge and experience, use of case studies, management games, lectures, simulations, group activities and field studies. Maximum participation is therefore expected from participants. AMADI offers all its products using the flexible packaging approach. Should you require training in the courses not shown on the calendar or tailor made contents:training to be done at your premises and any of our major venues ( Mbabane , Maputo and Johannesburg).

Kindly submit your request to the Programmes Director.

TRAVEL AND VISAS: Participants are responsible for transport and personal Insurance while in Eswatini, Mozambique and South Africa. Participants must ensure they have a valid passport and must apply for South African, Eswatini, Mozambique or Dubai visa entry. Participants are responsible for the cost of the visas, airport taxes and excess luggage, private in country travels, medical expenses and private telephone calls. AMADI will be responsible for transport to and from the training venue and to and from the airport.